digital nomad Backpack toolkit infographic

The Digital Nomad’s Backpack (Infographic)

There is something great about fitting your mobile office into one backpack, sitting down in a cafe or co-working space and getting down to work. Here is an infographic I made, containing the typical bunch of accessories that I usually have in my Digital Nomad’s backpack. This toolkit of gadgets and apps should be all you need. Now go find some wi-fi! 



I personally use a 13inch Macbook Pro, which is powerful and portable. If you’re looking for a practical laptop case that’s very light, padded and also waterproof, I use this one by AquaQuest (In case you have the ridiculous fantasy of kayaking with your laptop to do some remote work!)

Aqua-Quest 13 inch Waterproof Laptop Case 

Aqua-Quest 15 inch Waterproof Laptop Case 


Read about my experiences working remotely in Myanmar and Hawaii.



I'm a graphic designer, animator and app developer from London, UK. My interests include graphic design, tech, gaming, apps, film, comics and travel. I enjoy travelling and working as a Digital Nomad.

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