Icongraph – Infographic Maker

I created Icongraph because there wasn’t a dedicated app on mobile for making quick and easy infographics.
Choose from 30 easy to use infographic templates and give your presentations and social media graphics an edge. The app is over 2 years in the making, and I have refined and improved the UI many times. The Icongraph Spring 2019 is much easier to use and also has a lighter look and feel. Icongraph is in the top ranking for search term ‘infographic’ on the Appstore. The app is particularly popular in Saudi Arabia – they must love designing infographics in the Middle East!

You can also use Icongraph to create word clouds, simple data visualization and funky charts that you won’t find anywhere else.

Download it for free on the App Store on your iPhone and iPad.

Icongraph infographic chart templates ipad iphone appstore apps

It also includes a map maker template – which allows you to easily drop pins on a variety of cool map designs and customise it.

Icongraph map maker template

Qixel Apps

I’ve created a new site ( about my growing number of Qixel apps, which are creative tools and games that use ‘qixel’ art. 

Qixel Animated pixel Frog Gif

Qixel apps are creative tools for making stylised pixel art for retro game fans. Taking the 8bit style further, ‘qixel’ pixels are shaded to give that extra groove to your pixels. We have free and paid versions of Qixel and Qixel Animate for iOS and Android devices. Pixel art has resurfaced in recent years and games such as minecraft has brought a love of blocky simplicity to a new generation. Our apps can be used to tryout designs for your Minecraft skins on your mobile and tablet.

Our latest app – Qixel Animate challenges you to make animated pixel loops in 2 or 3 frames. Save your animations to the gallery and add music loops to your creations. We have designed a simple user interface with a square canvas for easy use on mobiles. If you want to export your work as an animated GIF – use the Desktop version (requires Flash on a computer). Gifs do display on Whatsapp, but they tend to look a bit glitchy. However, these Qixel Gifs display great in Facebook Messenger – we have a winner!

Qixel Animate Promo





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