If everything is within need I go anywhere?

We often hear that ‘happiness is within’. Another expression is ‘wherever you go your mind goes with you’. For those looking for peace of mind, for liberation of mind, searching around the globe for it may not be the right course of action. If you lose something in your house it would be best to search there thoroughly.


Others stressed out with their lives can exclaim they want to ‘go live in a cave and meditate’. This is another fallacy. Running away from the world, away from your desires is going to cause more problems than solutions.

The fact is the mind will always look elsewhere for salvation. It will look into thought, it will look into people or gurus, and it will look into time. The Mind thinks peace, liberation is around the corner, that it is somewhere to be found in the distant future, with more time.


Liberation is always now. The realisation of peace is always now. Paradise is here, this is it. It is interwoven into the very fabric of existence itself. It is in the beauty of all things, in the hum of the aliveness of the body, in the sweetness of breath, in the vibrant colours and the magic of nature.


This is the miracle. Life, existence is a miracle. The mind needs to understand that here, wherever ‘here’ is, is home. It needs to relax into that, take it easy, and appreciate what is.


This will always be the case. A life lived with this understanding as one’s primary focus is a life lived in peace, happiness and joy.


The process to get ‘here’ is one of training. It requires vigilance and observance, and a reconditioning of one’s mind to appreciate constantly and consistently what is here in the present moment.


That said, I have nothing against travelling, in fact I love it. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and very interesting to experience different environments and cultures. It shakes you up if you’ve fallen into a rut, and it opens up new pathways for more magic to enter your life.


If all the world’s a Stage, then go travel and play if that excites you,  just remember always to appreciate the beauty of the apparent mundane moments in your life. Wherever you find yourself, sing the traveller’s song: ‘What matters is the journey, not the destination.’



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