The Singularity

When will the Singularity happen? (infographic)

As digital replaced analogue, perhaps artificial intelligence will one day surpass the brain’s cognitive capacity, a tipping point referred to as the “singularity.” – Andy Haldane

So when might this event happen? Ray Kurzweil, one of the leading thinkers on A.I estimates it could happen as early as 2045. Fortunately he’s an optimist, but let’s hope he knows what he’s doing, because he now works for Google. In terms of what the Singularity is, we can either look at A.I being a separate intelligence to ours, or if you believe in transhumanism, then you will be uploading your mind to a computer, to actually merge with A.I.

After a bit of online research on the history of artificial intelligence, here is an infographic I designed to make sense of it all. Icons come from the Noun Project. Artist credits are here.

I’m at the start of my A.I journey, so please leave your comments on future predictions below!

Singularity infographic


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digital nomad Backpack toolkit infographic

The Digital Nomad’s Backpack (Infographic)

There is something great about fitting your mobile office into one backpack, sitting down in a cafe or co-working space and getting down to work. Here is an infographic I made, containing the typical bunch of accessories that I usually have in my Digital Nomad’s backpack. This toolkit of gadgets and apps should be all you need. Now go find some wi-fi! 



I personally use a 13inch Macbook Pro, which is powerful and portable. If you’re looking for a practical laptop case that’s very light, padded and also waterproof, I use this one by AquaQuest (In case you have the ridiculous fantasy of kayaking with your laptop to do some remote work!)

Aqua-Quest 13 inch Waterproof Laptop Case 

Aqua-Quest 15 inch Waterproof Laptop Case 


Read about my experiences working remotely in Myanmar and Hawaii.


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