What Being Automated Brings to Mind

The control of society is an old favourite topic of mine. What influence does the education system, history books, religion, the news and mainstream media, culture, social values, entertainment, arts, the money system and the law all have over our individual minds?


If we add this to our environmental influences, and the influences of our families, teachers, neighbours and friends, what do we get?


The human mind is the peak of nature’s evolution, yet when we break it down it appears to be like a Bio-Computer system which can be moulded, influenced and programmed, to create patterns of conditioning. All of our minds are conditioned thus.


There does appear to be something totally unique about each individual that stems from birth: some might call it their ‘inherent nature’, ‘spirit calling’ or ‘theme of consciousness’. Regardless of what appears certain is that all the infinite influences and preferences which each of us receive has the effect of creating an apparent endless stream of diversity amongst individuals.


No two minds are alike, and no two belief systems will ever match up exactly. This is one of the reasons that people struggle on spiritual paths as they are bombarded one way or another by the belief system of the mind they are listening to.


In his book ‘The Theory of Everything’ Jed McKenna states that the only belief we can say with true certainty is ‘That I Exist’ – if there is the one thing that we know, existence ‘is’. Everything else is a belief held in your mind. He postulates that you could be a brain in a jar, or asleep in hyperspace dreaming this story of your life.


My favourite example is to imagine that you are watching a film in the cinema and you are strapped into a virtual reality sensor so that you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel everything that the character in the movie does. Now on top of this you experience the film’s character’s thoughts instead of your own. Now that you are totally absorbed by this film’s character, who are you now? How would you break free?


It’s all fun speculation. It allows us to re-examine what we know, and what we think we know.


It also helps us observe our own conditioning, our own beliefs, and then not lay claim to them as ‘my beliefs’ more accurate might be to say ‘some beliefs I picked up along the way,’ like osmosis. 


So how much are we as human beings automated? I don’t know.

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